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About Us

           Clever Cleaning Enterprise

            Serving all of Connecticut with over 10 years of experience 


     Clever Cleaning is based on integrity & 100% Customer Satisfaction.  If our customer is satisfied it means we are doing our job right. 

      Everyone has their own busy daily routines, and most of the time there isn't enough time for cleaning. Everyone wants to enjoy their day in their own special way .So why let cleaning get in the middle of your daily tasks and activities, Let Clever Cleaning Enterprise take care of you by keeping your house fresh&clean. We are flexible and when you need us we will make sure to accomodate our schedule to your needs. Whether its, daily-weekly, bi-weekly- or monthly and so on. Clever Cleaning Enterprises will make sure you stay ahead of the mess and dirt in your home without lifting a finger. So go on relax and let us do all the hard work for you.

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